Exterior Painting Process

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Homeowners Preparation:

  • All Planter need to be trimmed back at least 6 inches from the house, and all decorative items need to be removed. Please park all cars away from the house throughout the jobs progress.
  • All colors must be chosen before the start of the job and any changes in color after the start of the job will be subject to additional material and labor cost.

Mint Condition can help with colors choices if requested and will supply up to 6 samples with a 1hr consultation free of charge. If additional samples or consultation are needed to help with your selection there may be an addition cost. Each additional sample will cost $15.00 each and consultation time ate a rate of $50.00 per hr.

Mint Condition Surface Preparation:

Power Wash on all Exterior surfaces being painted ( Stucco and Wood)


  • Hand scape / wire brush all wood surfaces to remove peeling / flaking paint
  • Sand all wood surfaces to ensure paint adhesion and feather edge peeling paint
  • Set all protruding nail hail
  • Tighten all loose wood and corners with wood screws / nails
  • Caulk all open joints / cracks in wood

**If Required** – Any Wood Repair or Replacement will be done on Time and Materials – $35.00 per hr plus cost of material – Customer to Approve any work First


  • All stucco will be exposed approximately 4” below any dirt level
  • All loose or de-lamination stucco will be scraped and removed
  • Crack and defects will be properly patched and sealed, matching existing texture up 90%

Rod Iron:

  • Sand / Wire brush all loose peeling paint


  • All required surfaces will be properly primed prior to paint to ensure adhesion of finish coat
  • Wood Siding will be painted with Dunn Edwards Eggshell sheen / 2 Coats
  • Wood Faciers, Eaves, and Trim will be painted with Dunn Edwards Semi-Gloss sheen / 2 Coats
  • Stucco will be painted with Dunn Edwards Flat / 2 Coats
  • Rod Iron will be painted with Vista Pro-Tec, Rustoleum, or Dunn Edwards Semi-Gloss Sheen / 2 Coats

House, Yard, and Driveway, and Concrete Protection:

  • All plants and shrubbery shall be thoroughly covered during prep and painting process.
  • All windows and lights adjacent too painted areas will be completely masked off or removed. We will reinstall old fixtures. We will not install new fixtures.
  • All concrete walks, driveways, brick decks, patio furniture will be covered with painter’s drop cloths or plastic.

***When power washing we will do our best to keep water from leaking inside the home through windows, doors and vents. However, we will not be responsible for any damage done if doors or windows do leak.

Door Handles / Knobs:

  • We do not include installation of new door handles/locks/knobs. If requested we can provide this service at an additional cost.
  • When working around vinyl or metal patio covers:

These products sometimes bend or dent. Mint Condition Painting will not be responsible for any dents, bends or damage in the process of the painting job. Homeowner should fully understand that regardless whether they are old or new, they can be damaged in the painting process.


In order to reach some portions of the home it may be necessary for us to be on the roof. We will be as careful as possible while working on the roof and have many years of experience along with different methods to help ensure no damage is done. However, we will not be responsible for any cracked or broken tiles.

Finish of job:

When jobs are finished we will clean up the areas worked on. Surfaces will be hosed down or swept up and trash will be hauled away. We will come back one time to do any needed touch-ups free of charge; any additional touch-ups could incur a trip or labor fee.


Work Comp / General Liability can be provided upon Request


Mint Condition will guaranty all paint will not peel or fail on surfaces for 2 years and will provided necessary labor and materials to repair any required surface. This warranty does not include customer related damage.

We will require a 10% deposit( not to exceed $1000.00 ) at time of scheduling you job, 50% of balance the 1st day of work, and remaining balance to be paid in full upon completion of the job. Mint Condition may request additional payments during job progress. Terms will be agreed upon before the work is started. If another payment schedule is required by the homeowner arrangements must be made prior to the job being started.