Interior painting process

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Getting Ready To Paint

We will help you with your choice of paint color and supply up to six color samples with a 1hr free color consultation. If additional samples are needed to help you choose your color scheme there will be an additional fee.  Each additional sample will cost $15.00 per sample and extra consultation time at a rate of $50.00 per hr.

Once the colors have been chosen, the owner will be responsible if a change needs to be made.  Both additional material and extra labor necessary to make those changes will be added to the total fee of the job.

All Colors must be chosen before the start of the job.

Homeowner’s preparation prior to job being started:

All drapes, blinds, pictures, breakable items will have to be removed prior to painting.  All appliances, tv’s need to be pulled away from walls and disconnected.  If you choose us to do any or all of the moving of any of the above mentioned items, Mint Condition Painting will not be responsible for any items damaged or broken.  Please note that any items moved by us will be done only as a courtesy, therefore the responsibility of the items are solely that of the owner.

Interior painting as per this proposal to include the following preparation procedures:

  • Cover all necessary flooring with plastic, rosin paper, staircase runners and drop clothes.
  • Move all necessary furniture to the center of the room and cover with plastic and drop clothes.
  • Remove all electrical face-plates, light covers and replaced after painted surface is dry.
  • Patch all cracks and holes which are specified at the time of quote. (Patches will match existing surfaces 90% )
  • Caulk all mouldings, if mouldings are to be painted.
  • Caulk all joints and corners to insure a straight paint line.
  • Sand all required surfaces and prime as necessary prior to painting to ensure proper adhesion.
  • Paint 2 coats on all surfaces. ( additional cost may apply if more than 2 coats are required )

We will remove and re-install towel racks, and door knobs – Additional cost may apply if new ones are provided.

Paint Materials:

  • Walls will be painted with Dunn Edwards Velvet Sheen / 2 Coats
  • Ceilings will be painted with Dunn Edwards Flat Sheen / 2 Coats
  • Baseboard, Mouldings, Casings will be painted with Dunn Edwards Semi-Gloss Sheen / 2 Coats
  • Cabinets will be painted with Dunn Edwards, Vista Pro-Tech, or Sherwin Williams / 2 Coats

Finish of job:

When jobs are complete we will clean up all areas worked on. Surfaces will be vacuumed / swept and trash will be hauled away.  We will come back one time to do any needed touch-ups free of charge; any additional touch-ups could incur a trip or labor fee.


Work Comp / General Liability can provided per Request


Mint Condition will guarantee the paint will not peel or fail on surfaces for 2 years and will provide labor and materials needed to repair any required surfaces. This warranty does not include customer damage.


We will require a 10% deposit ( not to exceed $1000.00 ) at time of scheduling your job and 50% of balance the 1st  day work begins; and the balance to be paid in full upon completion of the job.  Mint Condition may request additional payments during job progress.  Terms will be agreed upon before the work is started.  If another payment schedule is required by the homeowner arrangements must be made prior to the job being started.  Otherwise the remaining amount is due at the time of completion.