Exterior Painting

It’s important to know what to expect before, during and after Mint Condition paints your home


We Make it Easy On You

Mint Condition can help with color choices if requested. It will supply up to 6 samples and provide a one-hour color consultation free of charge.

Preparing a house for exterior painting is a crucial step that requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure the final project meets Mint Condition Standards. We start by power washing or combination of cleaning solutions on all painted surfaces to remove contaminates and make sure surfaces are clean.


What We Will Do

The next step is to review painted areas and inspect the surfaces for any damage, such as cracks, peeling paint, decayed wood, or delaminating stucco/defects. We then address these issues by scraping, sanding, and patching cracks with appropriate filler, such as caulking and stucco patch.

Once the surfaces are properly prepared, we apply a primer to ensure proper topcoat adhesion. During the prep and painting, Mint Condition protects surrounding areas, such as windows, doors, and landscaping, using drop cloths, tape, and plastic sheeting. We apply 2 coats of only the highest quality Dunn Edwards or Sherwin Williams Paint for a long-lasting finish. Once the final coat is applied and dry, we will thoroughly clean the job site and remove all job-related derby.

Wood Surfaces

  • Hand scape/wire brush all wood surfaces to remove peeling / flaking paint.
  • Sand all wood surfaces to ensure paint adhesion and feather edge peeling paint.
  • Set all protruding nail heads.
  • Tighten all loose wood and corners with wood screws/nails.
  • Caulk all open joints/cracks in wood.
  • The surfaces will be properly primed before painting to ensure adhesion of the finish coat.
  • Wood Siding will be painted with Dunn Edwards or Sherwin Williams Eggshell sheen / 2 Coats.
  • The trim will be painted with Dunn Edwards or Sherwin Williams Semi-Gloss / 2 Coats.

Stucco Surfaces

  • Inspect for loose, delaminated, or cracks in the stucco.
  • All loose stucco will be scraped and removed.

  • Patch / Repair all cracks and defects with exterior materials. (caulking / stucco patch)
  • All stucco will be exposed approximately 2-4 inches below any dirt.
  • All required surfaces will be primed to ensure paint adhesion.
  • Stucco will be painted with Dunn Edwards of Sherwin Williams Flat / 2 Coats.

House, Yard, Driveway and Concrete Protection

  • All plants and shrubbery will be thoroughly covered during prep and painting process.

  • All windows and lights adjacent to painted areas will be completely masked off or removed. We will reinstall old fixtures. We will not install new fixtures.

  • All concrete walks, driveways, brick decks and patio furniture will be covered with painter’s drop cloths or plastic.

Some Other Things You Should Know

Completion of Job

When the job is done we will clean up and make the area like new again. Surfaces will be hosed down or swept up and trash will be hauled away. We will come back one time to do any needed touch-ups free of charge; any additional touch-ups could incur a trip or labor fee.


Mint Condition will guaranty all paint will not peel or fail on surfaces for 2 years and will provided necessary labor and materials to repair any required surface. This warranty does not include customer related damage.

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